3 impossible things.

There are three things right now that I would like to change about myself:

1. Stop forgetting where I parked the car
2. Remember to pull the door when it says 'PULL' and push it when it says 'PUSH'
3. Patiently wait in long lines in the comfort rooms or cashier, instead of walking miles and miles to find another 'line-less' comfort room or cashier


Then again, these resolutions could wait. In the meantime, I would:

1. Keep on remembering the car parked next to me, instead of remembering WHERE i parked mine
2. Push the door when it says 'PULL' and pull it when it says 'PUSH', and receive the same can't-you-read? stares from the people around me
3. Retreat at the sight of a long line in the CR or a cashier from a distance--and yes, find another ('I don't care how far. I am NOT going to fall in THAT line.')

OH---old habits die hard.


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