Sweet dreams, willow.

Last night, i had one of those dreams that occasionally make me wonder whether or not I cross the minds of people I've never gotten in touch with for some time.

It felt real. It was like meeting a long lost friend once again. It was the past in repeat. It could've been wonderful if all the past were colored in sensible conversations and laughter and music and stolen moments. But it isn't. It was the past with all its unspoken frustrations once again.

Aren't we glad that dreams are just dreams? Because however happy them seem to be, all they can offer are false hopes and illusions. If there's one thing that we should be grateful about them, it's that they define reality and make the waking up part much more meaningful, much more inspiring.

It's unfair how dreams can somehow make you feel 'unreal' emotions. I guess there's a reason they only happen when we sleep.

Live through this and you won't look back.

Off to sleep now--a real sleep this time.


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